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Best Outdoor String Lights 2017 – Buyers Guide


Summer is coming! Soon your family will be spending more nights outside. Check out our top picks below for outdoor patio string lights. Outdoor lights are an inexpensive and great way to improve the mood of any outdoor events you are hosting.

Here is our list of the top outdoor string lights. Scroll down to see more about each one or visit Amazon to read product reviews.

This guide is organized into the following sections:

  1. List of the Best Outdoor String Lights
  2. Things to Consider When Purchasing String Lights
  3. Product Summaries, Comments, & Features
  4. DIY Ideas Section (Links to some nice lighting ideas)

List of Best Outdoor String Lights

Top Outdoor String Lights 2017
Item Features
Outdoor String Lights with Bulbs

Bulb Lights
Commercial Quality
Check Price
Globe Patio String Lights

Bulb Lights
Commercial Quality
1-Year Quality Guarantee
Check Price
Outdoor White Pearl Globe Lights

Globe Lights
Heavy Duty
Long Life (3000 hour)
Linkable (up to 7 sets)
Water & Weather Resistant
Check Price
Solar Powered Outdoor LED String Lights

8 Work Modes
Soalar Powered
Check Price
Cymas Decorative String Lights

Premium 25 LED
G40 Globe
Power Saving Technoology
Check Price
100 Foot G50 Patio Globe String Lights

Clear Bulb
Heavy Duty Outdoor Wire
Water Resistant
Weather Resistant
Check Price
Dimmable LED String Lights

100 LED
Remote Control
Check Price
30LED Crystal Christmas Globe Ball

Check Price
Solar String Fairy Lights

200 LED
Check Price
Window Curtain String Lights Icicle Fairy Lights

304 LED
Linkable (up to 6 sets)
Energy Efficient
Slow Fade/Twinkle/Flash/Steady
Check Price

Full product summaries with more information are available below. The next section is a short buyers guide to help you know what things to consider when purchasing your lights.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor String Lights

Power Source

String lights traditionally plug in to an outlet for power. New technology has led to a variety of solar powered string lights that are energy efficient. In most cases the solar powered lights do not need to be plugged in at all. Solar powered string lights typically come with a small power panel that will need to be placed in sunlight. They charge during the daytime and then emit light at night.

Bulb Type

String light bulbs are generally either bulbs are LEDs. LEDs typically last longer and use less electricity. Bulbs however are generally considered to “look prettier.” Some lights have hybrid bulbs that use a bulb with LED components inside to offer the best of both worlds. See the Cymas Decorative Lights for an example.

Weather Proof/Waterproof

If you are planning to use string lights outdoors, you should check to ensure they are waterproof and/or weatherproof.

Quantity of Bulbs

All string lights come with multiple bulbs on the string.

Total Length

Make sure you buy lights (are multiple sets) that are long enough to cover the intended area where they’ll be used. Keep in mind if you plan to link multiple sets together, that not all string lights covered on this page are linkable.

An easy way to determine how how long your light set needs to be is to spread a piece of string or rope across the entire area where you intend to install the lights, then measure the length of the string.

Distance of Power Plug to First Bulb

This is another important consideration when buying your lights. You want to make sure that your power source will not be to far from the area where you are installing your lights.


Generally string lights are made to be linked together to build a longer stream of lights. Most of the products we have chosen below are linkable, however some are not. Also, each manufacturer provides a total amount of links that may be used in a stream. It is not recommended to exceed that quantity for safety reasons.

Bulb Spacing

Depending on your needs and the desired mood you are trying to create with your lights, you will want to pay attention to how far apart the bulbs are spaced from each other. It is also a good idea to consider the size of the bulbs as it may be difficult to accurately perceive this in the product pictures.


Depending on the material used for the cord, some lights may be moldable in a way that allows them to maintain their shape. Moldable lights are used for situations where you want to wrap them around an object or shape them into a particular design, such as a heart.

Product Summaries, Comments, & Features

Outdoor String Lights With Bulbs

Outdoor String Lights - image1

These outdoor string lights made by Deneve are built to last for years. They are made from a very high quality material. Use them outdoors or indoors to transform the environment. The bulbs provide a light glow and are easy to install anywhere and will look great wherever they are used.

Manufacturer, Deneve is a small family business based out of Southern California. They take pride in their quick responses and customer service.

Also, check out some more of Deneve’s Popular Products here.


  • 48ft Total Length / 3ft Bulb Spacing / 3ft lead
  • Heavy-Duty Outer Rubber Constuction
  • Connect up to 4 strands
  • Use with E26 / E27 Bulbs
  • 15 S14 Bulbs Included
  • UL Approved for Outdoor Use
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Globe Patio String Lights

Globe Patio String Lights - Image1

These bulbs are quite bright and can be used to illuminate a large area while still providing a pleasant ambiance. They are very popular on outdoor patios and for weddings and other events.

Customers report that the light projected is:

“…happy, warm, and soothing…with a modern and comfy look”

Note: These lights have fragile bulbs so be careful during installation not to break them.


  • 25ft Total Length / 1ft Bulb Spacing / 6in lead
  • Commercial Quality
  • Energy Efficient Bulbs
  • Connect up to 3 strands
  • UL Listed
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee

Outdoor White Pearl Globe Lights

Outdoor Globe Patio Lights - Image1

These lights by Hometown Evolution provide a warm, intimate lighting for both outdoor and indoor use. The  warm bulbs look really good outside. We recommend these lights for settings where you desire less light. They may not be the best option for events that require a bright atmosphere. We also recommend them for indoor lighting needs such as small rooms.

These lights are available in a variety of options with different colored cords and your choice in bulbs.

Customers say:

“Perfect Lighting”

“Look Awesome!”

“Look great at night”

Hometown Evolution manufacturers a nice variety of other outdoor products. Visit their storefront here to see them all.


  • G40, 5 Watt C7 (E12) Bulbs
  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge SPT-1W Outdoor Wire
  • Long Life 3,000 hour bulbs
  • UL Tested
  • Connect up to 7 strands
  • Water & Weather Resistant

Solar Powered Outdoor LED String Lights

Solar Powered Outdoor LED Lights

These solar lights are easy to install and provide you a free lighting source. They use a unique crystal ball design with flexible wire so you can mold them to meet your lighting needs. They have a large range of settings and have an intelligent switch that automatically turns the lights on based on your previous settings. With good a good solar source they will provide illumination for 8-12 hours. They produce a warm, white-yellow light.

Lighting Modes:

  • Steady On
  • Fireflies Flashing
  • Waving
  • Fading
  • Fading Slowly
  • Chasing
  • Twinkling
  • Combination


  • 8 Settings
  • Solar Powered
  • 6-8 Hours Charging Time / 8-12 Hours Illumination
  • 16.5ft Total Length / 4in Bulb Spacing
  • Safe to touch lights (do not heat up)
  • Waterproof
  • Intelligent, Automatic Switch
  • CE & RoHS Certifications
  • 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Cymas Decorative String Lights

Cymas Decorative String Lights

These lights from Cymas include a special bulb with 5 LEDS inside. These unique bulbs increase brightness while saving you money. Additionally, it adds an interesting style to the bulb appearance. These string lights are available in either Warm White or Multi-Color styles. They are priced at a mid range level, so not necessarily the cheapest option, they are also not expensive. Check out the current price here.

Available Styles:

  • Warm White
  • Multi-Color


  • Premium LED Bulb
  • G40 Light Bulb
  • 3W Power Consumption (Save Money)
  • 18.2ft Total Length
  • UL Certified
  • Replaceable Bulbs
  • 25 Bulbs
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 18 Month Warranty

100 Foot G50 Patio Globe String Lights

Patio Globe String Lights - Image1

These string lights emit a warm light that is not too bright. They are perfect for a variety of occasions or as an everyday part of your patio. They are built with high quality materials and the bulbs last a long time.

Manufactured by Hometown Evolution

Customers Say:

“Great Buy and Great Price!”

“Look Great!”

“Beautiful Patio Lights”

“…envy of our neighbors…

“Pleasantly Surprised”

“Love these Lights!”

Available Styles:

  • 25ft Clear Bulbs – Black Cord
  • 50ft Clear Bulbs – Black Cord
  • 100ft Clear Bulbs – Black Cord
  • 100ft Clear Bulbs – Green Cord
  • 100ft Clear Bulbs – White Cord
  • 100ft White Pearl Bulbs – Black Cord
  • 100ft White Pearl Bulbs – Green Cord
  • 100ft White Pearl Bulbs – White Cord


  • 100 G50 Light Bulbs
  • 12in Bulb Spacing
  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge SPT-1W Wire
  • High Quality UL Wire, Plugs, & Sockets
  • Long Life – 3,000 Hour Bulbs
  • Water Resistant
  • Weather Resistant

Dimmable LED String Lights

LED String Lights with Remote Control

These waterproof string lights are one of the best selling string lights on the market. They come with a 24 key remote control offering a huge variety of options to customize their luminosity in order to meet your lighting needs. They are moldable so you can shape them into any design you like. Mold them around windows, plants, staircases, patios and more.

They give off a warm white-yellow light and are also quite popular to use for the holidays.

Note: These lights are not linkable.

Customers Say:

“…remote is VERY convenient…”

“Customer Service is very Responsive and Attentive”


“Function perfectly and are so pretty”

“Love these lights!”



  • Best Seller
  • Low Price
  • Remote Control
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Low heat – Safe to Touch
  • Moldable Shapes
  • UL Certification
  • 5ft adapter cord
  • 33ft Total Length
  • 100 Individual LEDs
  • Waterproof

30 LED Crystal Christmas Globe Ball

Outdoor Solar String Light - Image1

Not only, a Christmas light as their name might imply, these lights lend a beautiful ambiance to any outdoor setting. They are solar powered and can even turn on and off automatically. They are waterproof, made of durable materials, and have a cord with a 5ft lead. They are reported to give off a pretty reflection on water at night. They are available in a variety of bulb colors.

Note: These lights may be smaller then they appear in the pictures.

Available Styles:

  • White
  • Warm White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Multicolor

Customers Say:

“I love these!”

“…going to order more…”

“…they are great!”


  • Solar Powered
  • Waterproof
  • 8 hour lighting time / 6 hour charging time
  • 20ft Total Length / 5ft Lead
  • 30 Bubble Globes
  • Automatic On/Off

Solar String Fairy Lights

Solar String Lights Multicolor

At quite a low price and with a hugely positive customer response, these 72 feet of multicolored lights are perfect to light up your home for the holidays are a special occasion. They are solar powered with a variety of settings to achieve any mood effect you need. If you prefer them in all white, check out the newer model here.

Customers Say:


“Love the twinkle option”

“a LOT of lights”

“LOVE these lights”

“Goodbye utility costs…”

“…easy to hang up…”

Lighting Modes:

  • Steady On
  • Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slo-Glo
  • Chasing/Flash
  • Slow Fade
  • Twinkle/Flash
  • Combination


  • Low Price
  • 72ft Total Length
  • 200 LEDs
  • Solar Powered
  • Up to 50,000 hour bulb life

Window Curtain String Lights Icicle Fairy Lights

Linkable Window Curtain String Icicle Lights

Add a light curtain to any entryway or window with these Icicle Fairy Lights. These lights are especially suited for events such as weddings and holidays. They come in 2 different styles (White, Warm White). As mentioned in our note below the only issue with using these lights is that they can be difficult to unravel after storage.

Note: These lights may be difficult to store and later unravel

Customers Say:

“Nice and Beautiful!”

“Magical Lights”


“Amazing Price”


Available Styles:

  • Warm White
  • White

Lighting Modes:

  • Steady On
  • Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slo-Glo
  • Chasing/Flash
  • Slow Fade
  • Twinkle/Flash
  • Combination


  • 304 LEDs
  • Link up to 6 sets
  • Energy Efficient
  • Bright
  • Available in 2 styles


DIY Outdoor String Light Ideas

Visit some of the blogs below for some good ideas for your outdoor lighting. Both posts include DIY string light installation guides so you can easily complete this little project over a weekend.

HouseUpdated.com – Lot’s of good pictures for ideas.

Bright July blog – Many pictures and a detailed guide including a materials and cost breakdown.






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